Hello girls and boys, today I’m going to talk about my trip to Paris.

Paris is the capital of France and there were 22.1 millions inhabitants in 2015. It’s famous because there are many monuments : the Eiffel Tower , Versailles, Notre-Dame , the Louvre , the Arc de Triomphe…

I went to Paris one month ago and I visited many places :

-The Louvre : It’s a museum and there is the Mona Lisa in the museum . I saw many portraits and paintings and they are very big .

-Versailles : it’s a castle where Louis XIV lived. It’s very big and there are many rooms… Principally , the famous parts are The Hall of Mirrors and The Hall of Battles .

-Parc Asterix : It’s a famous theme park in France. It’s located at Plailly , next to Paris.

It was a lot of fun because there were many thrilling rides and I could see Asterix and Obelix for real , they are very cool….

I went to Parc Asterix in November and I could celebrate Halloween in  Parc Asterix. I saw many people with masks and they were scary.